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On Hiring Rockstar Interns

October 18, 2016

By: Majorie Labindao, CISM, CVA

Internship Programs


Training Ground

Internship Programs offer hands-on opportunity for students to work on their chosen field or industry. It lets student interns to try-out working and handling roles and responsibilities and at the same time being mentored by industry experts. Part of attracting interns to work in any organization is to have a clear objective. Not only does the company need fresh talents and ideas from the academe, but also, to provide an internal "incubator" or a training ground for these fresh talents. Although, there are instances that other companies have taken this for granted, a successful internship program can be a critical building block towards an organization's success and ultimately nation building.

Companies need to have a targeted approach in selecting the right intern. External advertising is a good strategy in the selection process. It should be communicated well to the prospective interns who are actively gathering information about the companies that they are eyeing to apply to. Whether it's for learning experience, school credit or desire for real experience and "get into" the corporate world, interns are looking for programs where they can learn and identify themselves on what career path are they taking.

Any successful internship program should be able to fill in this need by giving them responsibilities and encouraging them to be creative and become active participants within the duration of the program. Companies should layout the opportunities and the processes in which the interns can actually envision themselves and see what areas they can excel. This can only happen if they were able to screen and match the skills of the interns to their business needs and explore the depths of their capabilities.

Likewise, AltPayNet was fortunate to have rockstar interns onboard and provided them a collaborative training ground. They came from top universities in the Philippines and were able to bring in awesome ideas and convert it to real products and their entry to technical designs. It was like preparing them for battle and be able to benchmark with industry leaders. The said Internship program is aimed at tapping the intern's potential and develop it by exposing them directly to the real industrial production and technical workplace. AltPayNet also became the first company in the Philippines to launch G.R.I.P or Getting Rid of Interns Party where we recognized their contributions to the company. The event was graced by the top caliber international speaker and CEO Coach, Mr. Bjorn Martinoff who gave inspiring insights to the interns and the employees as well.

This only means that at AltPayNet, we take internship seriously by not only giving the interns the opportunity to learn the cutting-edge technical competencies but also look after providing professional development and career mentoring. If you are interested, please email your CV and tell us how awesome you are at