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Customer Service Statement of AltPayNet

June 26, 2021

By: AltPayNet

Customer Service Statement

Customer Service Statement of ALTPAYNET
(As amended dated 28th June 2021)


This statement is issued by ALTPAYNET Corp. (“ALTPAYNET”) as a global third-party payment processor, and a principal member acquirer of various card brands, which is working with Flexewallet Pty Ltd (“Flexewallet”) to deliver services under POLi in Australia for supporting multiple merchants.


The merchant MAJU GIAT SDN. BHD. is operating and managing the Wonderful World app for Wonderful World Pty Ltd. and/or Wonderful World Technology Pty Ltd. (collectively, “Wonderful World”).


ALTPAYNET as a third-party provider, bridges the processing of payments between banks and financial institutions for the businesses of online merchants, as in this case of Wonderful World. Furthermore, ALTPAYNET is dutifully protecting the funds which are not yet settled to Wonderful World, and is continually performing its third-party obligations as necessary.


In this connection, after a thorough audit and verification of all transactions (deposits), payout of incentives and settlements, ALTPAYNET determined that for transactions relating to the Wonderful World app deposited as of the time below,


06/02/2021  4:20:17 am GMT (“Cut-Off Time”)


until the last recorded transaction, funds can be returned to the rightful owner/s upon clearance and approval by the appropriate parties.


For transactions that were deposited for Wonderful World before the Cut-Off Time, the fund deposits were already settled by ALTPAYNET as a third-party provider to Wonderful World. For clarity, this means that the fund deposits are already in the possession of Wonderful World. Therefore, Wonderful World has the obligation to return the fund deposits to whom these are due. As a third-party provider, ALTPAYNET has already complied and performed its obligations, and is no longer part of the refund process between Wonderful World and its customers


All appropriate bank, processing, penalty, and other fees and charges will deducted by ALTPAYNET from the returned fund deposits.


Further developments or updates on the foregoing matters will be provided by ALTPAYNET from time to time. ALTPAYNET has dedicated a team to handle any further clarifications on the foregoing, and can be reached through