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Business Analyst

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing users' or clients’ needs and then finding applications and solutions
  • Creating short- and long-term goals with projects or products
  • Checking whether software and applications assigned are updated
  • Reviewing modifications, fixes, integrations, and refinements
  • Determine operational feasibility by evaluating requirements through analysis, problem definition, solution development, and implement solutions.
  • Provide documentation, plans, procedures, guidelines, policies, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments, and coding standard
  • Develop system specifications, case studies, and gap analysis
  • Conduct studies, testing, and recommendation on software and hardware licenses
  • Relevant and current in knowledge of development tools, programming techniques, and computing equipment by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional online and offline publications, maintaining professional networks, and participating in professional organizations
  • Provide information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing development, and service issues
  • Participate in software release and post-release activities, including support for product launch evangelism (e.g. developing demonstrations and/or samples) and competitive analysis for subsequent product build/release cycles
  • Testing, including defining/supporting acceptance testing and gathering feedback from pre-release testers
  • Analyzing the structure of business requirements to determine how it operates and determine its objectives
  • Designing potential solutions to any problems identified during the research phase
  • Preparing and delivering a report of their findings to leadership with comprehensive risk and impact assessment
  • Developing comprehensive end-to-end (E2E) test cases at the application and multi-application levels
  • Overseeing the implementation of approved process improvements
  • Carrying out training sessions and workshops to guide relevant teams
  • Carrying out a periodic quality check



  • General Programming Skills (Software Design, Coding, Debugging, Documentation, and Testing)
  • Capable of showing findings/research through preferred presentation platforms (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.)
  • Graduate of any of the following degree: BS CS, BS IT, BS CoE
  • Good background knowledge for the following core development skills is preferred:

o Scripting/Programming languages: Java, PHP, Javascript
o Web development: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Ajax & JQuery
o Database: MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL
o DB Programming: SQL, Stored Procedures, Views
o Frameworks: Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Symfony2
o Markup Languages: XML, JSON, SOAP
o Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS
o Services: Apache, Nginx, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Mail (SMTP/POP)
o Version Control: Git